Quad bike out rides

Tired of taking turns around a small track area?

One of the highest ranking activities are our trails & combo options; it is extremely popular and allows the participants to truly experience the thrill of riding one of these remarkable four wheelers themselves through diverse terrain. Challenge yourself to enjoy our unbeatable options and be totally overwhelmed by the experience! We have access to 30 quad bikes.

Quad biking gymkhana

This event is exceptionally popular amongst our clients and includes an adventures quad biking trail with a few surprising challenges along the way. Ride with the quad bike to the shooting station where a selection of games takes place. Individuals/teams compete against each other in this fun filled challenge! Off we go again with the quads to complete the rest of the exciting trail!

4 x 4 Obstacle course

Experience an unforgettable self drive 4 x 4 adventure course.

The route is combined with a few challenging obstacles. Qualified instructors will guide delegates through the course; awaiting your exploration! Games can also be incorporated in the experience. We provide the vehicles for your convenience.


Sneaking through the bush, scanning the terrain, waiting for a sound or movement whilst your heart is beating so loud and the sweat runs down your spine. Zipp, the paintball splatters against the tree next to you! Duck! You shoot back and your opponent is out! What a relief… you survived the 1st contact.

“Forest Adventure”, fun filled activities that allow participants to experience the adrenalin rush of playing paintball games in a controlled environment as teams compete against one another in a natural forest environment. All equipment supplied by us! Should the venue selected not have adequate “forest” the portable paintball field can be erected for your adventure!

River rafting (& Quad biking combo)

If you have been yearning to dash down a wild river, but do not have the time to zip up to the Zambezi, look no further than the Highveld Crocodile River. Don your swimming kit, lather yourself in sun-cream and let’s go rafting. Rafting in an inflatable 2 man canoe, can prove to be more adventures fun than ever imagined! Fun wet workout for novice & experienced canoeists on grade 1, 2 and (3 in the rainy season) - all within 35min from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The challenge is not only negotiating the twist and turns, but also mastering the rapids, whilst enjoying the astonishing views along the quieter sections of the river. SARA/APA River guides. Combine this adventure with an awesome quad biking session and you’ve got it made! Enjoy the 7m rock jump and 80m foefie slide as part of the thrill!

2 Day River Rafting

A 2-day river rafting trip makes the perfect getaway from the stress of the office… With overnight tented accommodation, clients can relax next to a crackling fire and reflect on the day's adventure... all your needs are catered for by experienced and friendly guides. Braai dinner and breakfast included. Spit-braai option also available for corporate or larger groups. We provide 2-man dome tents with stretchers and mattresses. Please bring along own bedding and pillows or sleeping bags. Cash bar & hot showers at the venue.

In addition to the water there is good FISHING, prolific BIRDLIFE and some formidable LEGUAAN, unfortunately no crocodiles!!!

Inflatable Re-lay challenge

On your marks, get set, go!!!

Teams race against the clock through the selection of colourful inflatable obstacles. Physical fitness is not a pre-requisite as our programs can be adjusted to your requirements. This event promises uninterrupted excitement for both spectators and participants alike. A powerful sound system contributes to the festive atmosphere. Recommended for teambuilding, year end functions, school groups & family days!

Family Fun Days

One of the most popular choices when it comes to year end functions and family days!

These events are for larger groups and the activities are available for everyone to partake as they see fit. It is best described as unconstructive fun and provides entertainment for everyone! It surely attracts a lot of attention and everyone enjoys a very special day!

Giant Human Foosball

A hilarious game of 7-A-Side Soccer with an inflatable perimeter wall and goal posts. Contestants are only able to move sideways as they are attached to each other, wearing special harnesses. The teams have to overcome their restrictions by synchronizing their movements in an attempt to score goals. We provide a powerful sound system contributing to the carnival atmosphere. You may have seen foosball before, but you have never seen anything like the Human Foosball experience. This game duplicates the table game in life-sized form.

Interactive Drumming

Play all day, party all night…

Imagine the awesome sound of a whole company making music together! Music has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate us as groups or individually! With a powerful unifying message which cuts through language, gender and age, breaking down barriers both vertically and laterally within organizations and thus enhancing communication

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

No loud shots and no sore shoulders….

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a variation on the traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting, the difference is that the shotguns are fitted with laser equipment that detects the hits on specially modified reflective clays, the gun fires infra-red rays at the re-usable plastic clays. This is a very interesting and fun event…

Boot Camp

Physical fun filled challenges await your exploration…

The group will be divided into smaller groups competing against the clock through the head to head army style range of obstacles, including balancing beams, up and under, high ropes, low ropes, mamba hole, leopard crawling and some rope swinging. Great event for participants and spectators alike...

Bridge Swing

You are dressed with a combination of sit and chest harness attached to ropes, which are attached to the opposite side of the bridge. Leaping of a 45m platform freefalling, almost immediately, feeling the tension on the ropes. The rest of the ride is smooth, you then start to pendulum backwards, and forwards a few times, after which you will be gently lowered to the ground. All equipment supplied, no experience needed.
Dress: sport casual

Zipline - 320m Foefie Slide

Fly across the beautiful King’s Kloof on a 320m steel cable, wearing a harness with two safety slings, which is connected to a cable above your head. Unbelievable experience! All equipment supplied. No experience needed, Dress: sport casual

This activity is highly recommended & suitable for all!

Unimog Off Road Experience

Hold on for the ultimate off road ride!

The Unimog was built for very extreme conditions and used by the military. The trail is approximately 1 - 1 ½ hours and includes some challenging axle twisters, steep ascents and descents, up and down steep inclines! Can be done as a group activity.

Go Karting

Let the race begin!

You have the opportunity to drive with racing karts complete with slick tyres. The Karts are fast and exhilarating to drive whilst reaching some impressive speeds. Karts and safety equipment (helmets) will be provided, it is compulsory to wear long pants (preferably denim) and we recommend a long sleeve shirt and jacket. Also remember to wear appropriate shoes we can also provide for all your catering and drinks requirements

Bungee Jumping

50 meters of pure adrenaline rush! It is not for the faint hearted! Challenge the limits of the mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off the impressive bridge having your feet tied to a giant elastic band.


It is the method climbers use to get off a mountain - or special service forces use to descend deserted buildings into enemy territory in adventure movies - but it's fun, and so it's become available as an adventure sport. Experience an adrenalin rush like never before - abseil down a 50m Bridge. This is called a Helicopter abseil, because there is no rock face. Our qualified instructors will explain the gear and technique that will be used, ensuring your safety, and over you go for an experience of a lifetime.

GPS Treasure Hunting

Utilizing GPS technology, we split the group up into smaller teams and send them on a unique treasure hunt navigating with their very own GPS. The event can be customized to suit your requirements. Our treasure hunts are always a huge success and the event can be done on a quad bike or on foot. The event is not too difficult as we want everyone to enjoy it and take away some new experiences. First group to complete the mission will locate the “hidden treasure” and the reward is normally sweet!

Amazing Race (Automibile-various venues)

This event is inspired by the popular TV reality series 'The Amazing Race'. As the teams race against each other they’ll need to put their heads together to solve puzzles, codes and riddles and perform tasks, each leading to a "mystery location“ where another fun filled task awaits the teams. The locations & activities will be revealed to the participants in sequence as they progress in the race. The team that crosses the finish line first will be the winner! This is an excellent choice for groups. Can be done on foot at a specific venue or we can include the busses and teams compete from the work place to a specific venue with a few interesting stops along the way!

Pulse Ranger

A Safe, realistic, structured hi-tech combat team game for any number of players. It's twice the excitement of paintball, and provides a physical and mental challenge to people of all ages—in safety, and without any environmental mess. Pulse Ranger guns fire harmless laser beams, which are picked up by sophisticated detectors on both the helmets and guns. Pulse Ranger is the ultimate challenge, not limited by an indoor arena or environmental considerations—the only limit to Pulse Ranger is your imagination.

Action Sports - Cricket, Netball & Soccer

Fun filled action sport awaits your exploration…

Cricket: Usually 8 a side with each fielder bowling 2 overs of 6 balls each & each batting pair batting for 4 overs. A full game consist of 16 overs per batting & fielding side unless you want to play a mini game which is half that. Mix teams or just men/ladies.

Netball: 7 a side, game is about 35mins. You can play mix in the netball or just men/ladies.

Soccer: 6 a side, 4 on court with 2 rolling subs. That must be either just men or just ladies. Unfortunately no mixed teams preferred to avoid injuries.