Quad bike games

Mud Challenge (seasonal)

Forms part of the Blue Hills trail. Each person rides with his/her bike through the muddy section; if you get stuck itís the rest of the groupís responsibility to get you out! This promises to be GREAT FUN!!!

Blind fold driving

Blind folded driver with a navigator at the back explaining the route, each team member gets a turn to drive and navigate. This event is done against time as teams compete against each other.

Balloon Mine Field

Each member of the team drives the bike through the mine field with the support of the group. The aim of the game is to finish the event without touching any mines as you loose points accordingly, this event is also played against the clock and needs as much of the team members assistance as possible.

The Process

Ideal for conference breaks or incorporated with other group activities. (Can be adjusted to the itinerary)


Experience Needed

Combine with
Quad bike out rides, archery, blow pipes, ketty shooting, air rifles, canoeing, 4 x 4, laser clay pigeon shooting, blind folded games, paintball etc.

Group size
Small to large

As the event is fully mobile, various venues are available.

Trust, teamwork, fun, individually challenging, enhance comradeship, boost morale, collaboration vs competition.