Sport Days

7-a-side Soccer challenge:Teams challenge each other at an exciting game of normal 7-a-side soccer and rotate half time. The team with the most goals will be the winner!

Blind soccer: The blind folded soccer player needs to be directed by another team member to dribble a ball around cones to the goal post and ultimately aim and score. Or a game of soccer can be played with half of the team blind-folded and the other half can see, the rules will be that the ball must be passed to a blind-folded person then a seeing person and so onů before a goal can be scored.

Penalty shootout: Teams compete against each other and against the clock to shoot as many goals within a given time frame!

Touch Rugby: One team kicks off to start the game. The receiving team starts running with the ball passing it to each other to avoid getting touched. When a team member gets touched with the ball the ball goes to the other team who then tries to score. No forward passing or tackling is aloud.

Volley Ball: 9-a-side, teams 1 serves the ball whilst team 2 anxiously awaits. The ball can be returned directly over the net with both hands (referred to as a block). They can use their 3 different shots referred to as set, dig or spike to return the ball to the opposing team. First team to score 11 points takes the win!

Table Soccer: Can also be enjoyed by disabled persons.

Table Tennis: fast game of tennis where the serve needs to bounce before it goes over the net. Fun fast activity 2-2 or 4-4 delegates per team. (Can also be enjoyed by disabled persons)

Fun run/walk event: By the sound of the gun, the run/walk event starts. Race against the clock starts. This can be done around the venues parameters.

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